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TTB Bonded, Food Grade, & Pharma Certified

Diverse Capabilities

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Warehouse Services

Diverse capabilities and accreditations promise we can handle your unique demands.

  • Rail Served
  • TTB Bonded
  • Food Grade
  • Experienced in Pharmaceuticals

Transportation Services

Simplify your logistics needs by bundling transportation and warehousing using our array of trucking services.

  • Local Service
  • Over-the-Road (OTR)
  • Consolidation
  • Nationwide Distribution


RF Scanning

Radio Frequency (RF) Scanning allows Metro Park to retrieve data quickly and provide clients with accurate and timely feedback in regards to their specific products inventory and movements. Our RF technology is capable of reading multiple format types, enabling us to read a multitude of different barcode variations to gather data.

Clients realize the following benefits from RF technology:

  • Accuracy
  • Ease of Use
  • Uniform Data Collection
  • Timely Feedback
  • Improved Productivity

EDI Capabilities

Our Warehouse Management System can interface with multiple EDI transaction sets in order to automate and streamline communications between Metro Park and our customers and/or trading partners. The use of EDI allows both Metro Park and our customers to be informed of changes in inventory and shipment status in a real time environment.

EDI allows us to serve Clients in a more efficient and effective manner. Our EDI platforms (IBM Gentran Director and Lexcom CLEO) have the ability to send and receive EDI transmissions on an automated basis. Standard ANSI x12 v4010 and v5010 transmissions sets are available.


6920 Executive Dr, Kansas City MO

6920 Executive Dr. Kansas City, MO

409,172 Sq Ft
Trailer Drop Lot
Food Grade
Bonded Wine & Spirits
Rail Served

6901 Stillwell Ave, Kansas City MO

6901 Stillwell Ave. Kansas City, MO

405,030 Sq Ft
Temperature Control
Food Grade
Bonded Wine & Spirits
Pharma Certified
Rail Served

6900 Stillwell Ave, Kansas City MO

6900 Stillwell Ave. Kansas City, MO

360,914 Sq Ft
Separate Gated Access
Rail Served

1411 Quebec N Kansas City, MO

1411 Quebec N. Kansas City, MO

348,097 Sq. Ft.
Temperature Controlled Space
Food Grade
Bonded Wine & Spirits
Rail Served

5020 Swartz Rd, Kansas City KS

5020 Swartz Rd. Kansas City, KS

240,500 SQ. Ft.
Bonded Wine & Spirits
Temperature Control
Rail Served

251 S 55th St, Kansas City KS

251 S 55th St. Kansas City, KS

146,000 Sq. Ft.
Food Grade
Temperature Control
Rail Served

Strategically positioned to access multiple rail providers and maximize efficiency in regional distribution.


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