Metro Park Warehouses Core PhilosophiesOur core philosophies define the fundamental relationship between our company, our employees and our business clients.

Quality - We are committed to providing superior service by leveraging our Customer, Vendor and Affiliate relationships to achieve the goals of shipping product exception free, on time and at the best value.

People - We recognize our people as our number one asset and empower them to take a team-oriented approach with individual responsibility, to ensure key performance metric attainment.

Ethics - Respect, trust, honesty, integrity and fairness with our customers, team members and suppliers form the foundation of our basic belief system.

Value - Proactive development of customer specific plans and programs to achieve mutual goals.

Corporate Headquarters

Steve Wedlan
Vice President Marketing
6920 Executive Drive
Kansas City, Missouri 64120
Tel 816.231.0777
Fax 816.231.7797

Facility Locations

We operate approximately 2,000,000 square feet of modern high-cube warehouse space in six convenient locations.

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P.O. Box 2346
Kansas City, Kansas 66110

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